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Miles a day; B travels 8 miles thefirst day, 12 the second, and so on, in arithmetical progression.If they start Monday morning from the same place and travel inthe same direction, how far apart will they be Saturday night?16. The sum of three terms of an arithmetical progressionis 36, and the square of the mean exceeds the product of theoth.

E sum of their squares is 35. Find the numbers.Hint. Let x − y, x, x + y, stand for the numbers.8. A common clock strikes the hours from 1 to 12. Howmany times does it strike every 24 hours?9. The Greenwich clock strikes the hours from 1 to 24. Howmany times does it strike in 24 hours?10. In a potato race each man picked up 50 potatoes placed inline a yard apart, and the first potato one yard from the basket,picking up one potato at a time and bringing it to the basket.How many yards did each man run, the start being made fromthe ba.

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